Companies leverage portals to increase collaboration amongst all stakeholders, foster transparency and to share knowledge. We use Liferay to develop extranet, internet, social collaboration suites, user experience platforms, mobile, and content and document management with workflows, portal migration/conversion and e-Commerce solutions.

No matter the objective, no matter the business goal, Liferay is the perfect solution. In addition to the robust capabilities Liferay already offers, Choicegen's Global Liferay Portal Practice:

  •  Can help you make sense of your Liferay deployment options based on scale, scope and budget
  • Can help you integrate Liferay with your existing technology ecosystem and legacy application
  •   Integrate social capabilities
  • Integrate multi-lingual content
  • Can help you scale and implement a mobile strategy and solution

Choicegen's Liferay experts can help you determine what's best for your business. Contact us today to discuss your project.